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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What Is Operation Swimsuit?

I am on a mission for the month of June – I want to be comfortable in a swimsuit.  I don’t need it to be a bikini, and I don’t need to look like Demi Moore.  I just want to be able to go to the beach with my kids and not feel self-conscious getting into the water.  I want to be able to accept a pool playdate without worrying about being in a swimsuit in front of another family.  I feel like my weight has been limiting my life as of late.  I have been so busy taking care of everyone around me that I’ve lost focus of my own health, and as a result I have failed to lose the weight I put on after having Karis.  SHE’S TWO.

There is a website I love called Curvy Girl Guide, and they just did a swimsuit confidence post where they all posed in swimsuits.  I want to have that confidence.  It’s ridiculous to sit out on being active because I’m insecure.

I know myself, and I know I need accountability and convenience.  So, for the month of June I’m trying two things.  First, I’m going to take part in a “boot camp” called No Excuses at my local YMCA.  I think the name is pretty apt for me, because I make a lot of excuses for myself.  The four kids are a pretty easy excuse.  But they are offering a mid-morning class.  It’s not too early to cause me to lose sleep, and they provide childcare.  It meets six days a week (youch).  I have no excuses.  I’m gonna do it.

What I’m really excited about, though, is to be partnering with The Fresh Diet for the month of June.  I know that my biggest issue with eating right is food preparation.  I actually prefer fresh and healthy foods, but it’s so hard to get to the grocery store, keep fresh food stocked, and prepare meals for myself that my kids likely won’t eat.  I’m excited about The Fresh Diet because it is a food delivery service that is all about fresh and gourmet food.  I’m a bit picky, and they offer choices every day.  It’s based on The Zone Diet, so I don’t have to keep track of calories (or cook).  I just get my meals every day – which is perfect for my crazy stage of life right now.  I’ve done diets with points before, and found the constant counting and keeping track really difficult.  I’ve also done meal plan diets before, but they consisted of frozen and pre-packaged meals that just tasted gross.  I think The Fresh Diet will be a great solution for me.  I’ve just started this blog to track my progress.


  1. Good luck, Kristen! You're still a hot mama, but I definitely know about wanting to feel comfortable in a swim suit! I look forward to following your journey!

  2. I am doing this right along with you (starting right now at least!) Great goal and awesome to focus on just one month at a time. I can't afford the fresh diet (although it looks awesome and would probably really help). However, if I just control my portions, eat clean foods, and exercise I know I will feel so much better! Good luck and I can't wait to read your updates for support! You are not alone ~ Go girl go!

  3. So great! It's really motivating seeing other people working on getting fit! I hope you find time to rest and recover with all the workouts and kid chasing!

  4. Keep up the good work, Kristen! If my experience will be a motivating Quinoa. It is a grain, seems like a cross between tapioca and rice. Whole Foods has quinoa pastas. Quinoa is a complete protein and mixes with anything. Have you ever been to Native Foods here in OC? Have the Azteca Salad! Yummy. On Ash Wednesday, I changed everything about how I eat. I did it for better food choices, better health (Although I have no health problems, I made that change because my long term vegetarian/vegan friends have none of the other problems of my other 60 something friends have!). Anyway, I began each day with a 'green drink' a la Dr. OZ and in keeping with nutrition dense foods, I was SHOCKED at the first 25 pounds that just melted off. I didn't expect that! No bread, white rice, dairy (it is a fallacy that we NEED it) and no animal products. I feel energized and have cooking creativity like I have never been into. I'm going to loose about 10 more pounds, 25 #'s in 3 1/2 months...WOOHOO!